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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Applied Risk Appetite

Causal Capital often partners with various risk management solution providers across the planet and tomorrow we are pleased to announce that we will be part of a cohort Risk Management debate hosted by Metricstream [LINK], feel free to pop down to the event and say hi. We have also developed a small presentation on Risk Appetite that will influence our discussion and this document can be accessed from the blog below, please do take a look.

Risk Appetite Framework

As Financial Risk Managers, Risk Appetite very much dominates our thinking when we are making investment decisions or performing due diligence on potential projects. There is also an incredible amount of history and documented research under this end of risk assessment, but today we have developed a presentation to suit a slightly different audience.

When I look at how Risk Appetite is being applied in the Enterprise Risk Management domain, it's an entirely alternate story that is influenced by confusion on what should be done much of the time, a mismatch of definitions adds to a haze of complexity not withstanding ERM practitioners sometimes struggle with how to apply Risk Appetite concepts to real life business situations.

Risk Appetite Presentation | LINK

In this presentation LINK, we take a look at why Risk Appetite has become a struggle for Enterprise Risk Managers and what needs to be in place for an effective enterprise wide risk appetite system. We also put forward a set of questions that Enterprise Risk Managers should address when they are assessing whether a business unit is considering risk in line with stakeholder appetites.

Anyway do enjoy as always and I'll try and clip some photos from tomorrow's sessions in this blog.

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