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Friday, September 4, 2015

RMA Credit Risk Brown Bag

If you are in Singapore on the 17th of September and you work in the world of credit risk, this RMA credit risk program looks like an interesting presentation to attend.

RMA Credit Risk RWA
I am a big fan of the RMA association in Singapore and they tend to always put on really good speakers that encapsulate an interesting bite size risk management topic for debate. Their Credit Risk IRB September workshop looks like it will follow form in true style.

I can see this session below being another winning program and those present will be hearing from the local regulator as well as a member of the BIS Banking Book Workgroup. A discussion on modelling under the IRB framework, given the speaker, should make for an interesting Q&A opportunity.

It would be wonderful to attend this event but alas I will be on my own risk management ventures, just have to see if I can grab a copy of the presentation.

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  1. If you are interested, just touch base with Lynn Yeoh at her email address: lynnyeoh@afcmb.com before the 11th September 2015.