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Monday, September 29, 2014

Operational Risk Ten Stories

A decade ago, plus a couple of months, the banking community was thrown a new mandate from the Bank for International settlements titled Basel II. For the world of Basel this was the first time regulation had included operational risk as part of the capital regime program.

Ten years on, I have decided to take stock and pull together a presentation on what has worked for the banking community in operational risk management and what remains a stubborn challenge.

What works, what does not ...
A while back we published a blog on these ten success stories and ten conundrums of operational risk in banking and this publication was so popular that we have decided to revisit these ten stories again.

Together with MetricStream and on the decade celebration of Basel II, I have republished this story again but this time I have elaborated on the ten stories in much more detail. 
Op Risk 10 Stories Presentation [LINK]

You can download the ten success and hurdle stories of operational risk management from the following [LINK].

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