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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Loss Event Manager

I am having an interview for a role as the risk monitoring and loss database manager. This is under the operational risk unit of a bank. I have worked in operations and intend picking up this role under the risk management unit.

Please how can you be of help in my preparation?

This is an interesting question and of course the scope of the engagement would vary between one organization and the next. Banks in the most part are fulfilling the measurement of operational risk to meet the requirements of Basel II but in just that alone; the amount of responsibility assigned to the loss event manager would be predicated on whether the bank has selected The Basic or The Standard or The Advanced Measurement Approach for operational risk.

To answer the question here, we are targeting an Advance Measurement Approach for operational risk because that carries the widest charter of work.

The Presentation supplied to this blog explains the components that comprise a leading best practice operational risk event management system with commentary around what would typically be expected from an outstanding event manager for this risk function.

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