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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Attributes of Risk Managers

Working with the London School of Business and Finance, and a set of MBA students on risk management. The topic of interest today is "The scope of a risk manager" (in a bank) and what it takes to make a good risk manager.

It's a nice change from the technically heavy presentations we can wade through at times, and I look forward to any commentary on this blog, as per usual.

Scope of Risk Management
There are so many ways to paint The Scope of Risk Management but I wanted to show the diversity that sits around this huge vocational endeavor, and when one thinks about it, Risk Management is massively diverse going from Occupational Health and Safety on an Oil Rig through to a Trader in a Treasury. In a bank, risk management falls under one of three domains; Market, Credit or Operational Risk and if you consider the business model under banking, it kind of makes sense.

Causal Capital | Risk Management Presentation [ LINK ]

So there we have it, the planet universe of risk management and for me, a vocational travel plan where one immigrates to each of these places for a while to truly appreciate risk management in all of its fascinations. Do we have enough time in a single life to do all of this?

What else is covered?
We also did some research on what a Risk Manager earns in Singapore and we looked at the job skills of a risk manager which has been summarised on slide eight as ... A good risk manager should have Academic Pursuit, A relative perspective on Modelling or IT, Project Management Capabilities and Communication Business Knowledge to make it in today's market.

There are a couple of nice practical sessions in part II of this presentation, and those that know me can expect training with stacks of practical exercises. Today we took a look at an old blog I wrote sometime back on the Shape of Risk and finally, the importance of how corporate culture impacts the risk horizon of a business. Slide 20 is an interesting exercise to put to a group of people and very rarely do we find agreement on where each of the eight dilemmas we have listed should be placed.

Anyway, I trust you enjoy the presentation which can be accessed from here [ LINK ].

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