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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Financially Evolving Big Pharma

Working with a wonderful group of industry experts at the huge Bio Pharma event in Singapore. Our presentation can be found at the end of this blog.

Evolving Big Pharma
All ready to go on our Financial and Risk Valuation best practices for Big Pharma companies.

Ready to go at the Big Pharma Event in Singapore | Bio Pharma Asia

The presentation explores some of the constraints Big Pharma companies face with their business models, industry sector trends and how financial structuring can enhance or provide a level of innovation for Big Pharma companies.

The presentation is available at the following link [Evolving Big Pharma]

The presentation is separated into three sections and was delivered at the workshop as individual sessions with real live practicals that investigate the following areas of finance in Pharma:
  1. Industry sector constraints that Big Pharma companies must overcome to evolve.
  2. Best practices in risk / valuation of Big Pharma projects.
  3. How to integrate and converge finance with the Pharma business model to provide a new level of innovation.
The presentation is available for download at the following LINK.

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