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Monday, March 31, 2014

Comprehensive Risk Frameworks for Reputation

Reputation risk is without any doubt a major concern for different types of entities across the planet and while risk managers recognize this fact, the methods by which many go about measuring and managing reputation risk can end up enfeebled and missing the point.

In this blog posting we share a complete and entire framework for Reputation Risk. 

Reputation Risk
Reputation risk is often discussed in senior executive meetings and regulators such as the Bank for International Settlements have made mention to this unique risk phenomenon and the impacts from it. All this aside, many risk management units struggle to establish a complete and comprehensive framework for managing reputation risk.

In this blog posting we share a three part presentation that describes how to tackle reputation risk that focuses on:

[1] The nature of reputation risk.
[2] The stakeholders involved in reputation risk and how to manage their objectives.
[3] Techniques for identifying, qualifying and quantifying reputation risk causal factors.

Presentation for reputation risk [ LINK ]

The reputation risk presentation can be downloaded from this LINK ] and has been designed to be inline or directly compatible with the global risk standard ISO 31000.

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